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I believe in storytelling, and that the act of telling one’s own story can be one of the most therapeutic experiences possible. As a therapist, I am a skilled listener, able to help clients understand their own stories. My style is interpersonal, open, and communicative, recognizing that each person is inherently valuable, possessing an innate capacity for wisdom and wholeness.
Therapy is an opportunity to learn better ways to live and thrive in the present. Whether the goal is a short-term, pragmatic solution to address a particular concern, or to engage in an in-depth exploration of a serious longstanding issue, I match my approach to clients’ unique needs to enable them to successfully achieve personal goals and fulfillment. I help them to overcome obstacles, fears, and recurring, self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. Through our work together, they learn new skills and strategies to live the lives they want, heal from loss, betrayal, and broken trust, and replace shame with self-acceptance.

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